Tuesday, 16 October 2012

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A few snaps from my first few weeks at uni!
Scott has visited me two weekends already which has made me very happy. We've been to Yo Sushi twice as 02 are currently giving 1/3 off your bill which is obviously brilliant for us foodies that are a Little strapped for cash :) so thank you 02!
I like the Pumpkin Karroke (fried pumpkin) and the chicken terriaki, YUM!

We also went to Tinseltown which is an American Style diner where they do THE best milkshakes (apart from the sugarplum obviously;)) We had Reece's peanut butter cups and kinder beuno milkshakes. So yummy, but very filling!
 Another weekend my parents visited, and mum and I went to one of my favourite restaurant's, Carluccios. They have this wonderful cloudy cherry drink which is too die for and i would highly recommend you try some !!!
I had braised venison tortellini, which is by far the best pasta I've ever had. And I've eaten some pasta in my time!!! It's creamy, buttery and smooth which delicious meat parcelled away inside, delicious.
 Their meringues look so pretty too! But we were both too full to sample them after our pasta, salads and too many cloudy cherry drinks...
 I've been doing some window shopping as I can't actually afford clothes that aren't either charity shopped or eBay based any more :P But we can all dream.. I love this topshop dress, anything sequined I have a embarrassing love for ;) 
This week we've been making casts of our feet in foam blocks and filling them with plaster of Paris. Pretty cool really :) 
 I thought the threads were pretty in the machine room so took a quick snap.... Were going on a trip to Northampton this week to see a factory where they make shoes and to a footwear museum which should be interesting:)
 I've been going to the market for my vegetables and visiting Asian supermarkets to see lots of variety of foods. It's been so exciting for me to see all kinds of produce and food that I can't get where I'm from.

I have also been learning how to make bread, this was my second attempt whilst in Uni, and it actually rose! (this is good progress for me, the most terrible person with bread, EVER) but i am learning... slowly at least and aim to be a pro before I finish.

 Lastly I've joined the women's rugby team which I love so so much! I took this picture to show mum and Scott how caked in mud I was after training :)

Eggs for breakfast

I've been craving the lovely free range eggs from the egg farm just round the corner from my house back home. And so last weekend my parents came to visit me and brought me a big tray full of eggs which I've been devouring this week. I tried dippy eggs and soldiers today, and it is by far one of my favourite and quite a nostalgic breakfast as my mum used to make it for me when I was younger.
I have to have the white part cooked as it really is pretty gross when it's all slimy, but the yolk is so much better when it is runny and golden. I'm an impatient cook and always pour boiled water over my eggs which can sometimes lead to them cracking, but it's a 50-50 chance, which I feel is worth taking :).....
I love these retro egg cups I was given from Homewood Bound Collections (one of my little going away presents from mum). But as you can see I was quite greedy and wanted three eggs when I only had two egg cups, which ruins the photographs a little ;)
Anyway, I will be back posting some more meals that I've been making on my new student budget soon !!