Friday, 14 October 2011

What I love this week ♥ - Colour

1. I adore this picture! Maybe I’m not quite ready to try this out myself, but never say never.....

2. I love the colours of the tongue and the sprinkles.

 3. This was a piece I created for my A-Level Art. I collected old food packaging and arranged them according to their colour. Approx 2m x 1m

4. Again, just so beautiful.

 5. One of my new favourite artists, Tony Cragg.
 6. A wonderful, colourful print of hammer head sharks.

7. I love the shape of the deer, and the antlers.

8. Steps Reunion! I cannot believe these guys are having a reunion tour, I used to love them so much as a kid! I love the new comeback look, and hope everything is a success for them :)

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  1. Love the colors....cute post! I hope you come follow us too! xxx Emily of EL Vintage