Thursday, 29 December 2011

Food, Family & Friends

 This is just a snippet of our Chistmas table

I love these fairy lights from Paperchase, they have these wonderful vintage colours and they are battery powered so they don’t need to be next to a plug!
This is my Nephew opening his Christmas presents from my sister Nia
Boxing Day we went for a walk to the beach with the dogs. This is Molly; the name of my blog (Seabear) comes from this lovely lady, as I’ve always thought she looked part dog, part bear, and part sea lion, and so Seabear was born!

This is Ella, my other lovely lady.

Lastly the 28th is my Grandma's birthday, so Scott and I made her a lemon drizzle bundt cake. We had a slight accident as the cake broke in half as we tried to get it out the tin, but it still tasted yummy.

We went for a meal, and ended the night with loads of wonderful games such as Treasure hunts, cards and quizzes. Such a lovely night, and yeh, that’s my cow one-sy.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Food Planning

Yesterday I spent the afternoon looking through magazines and internet pages for the perfect festive food ideas. I came across these lovely ideas from Jamie’s Christmas.
1) Jamie Oliver's mum's retro triffle       2) Jamie's Winter chcolate bomb ( Looks amazing)
 Festive forks, the perfect snacks for hungry guests and family members.



Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What I love this week ♥ - Sequins + Sparkles

These Topshop Shorts are to die for, and also sold out! I love the pattern.
Ive always liked this picture, the cat mask is pretty cute.
 This bra is awesome; the jewels are gorgeous, not too keen on the black strap as much though.

P.s I'm sorry for the permanent reference to Katy Perry, I just can't help it, I am a little obsessed.

 I just really like this photgraph.
 I want this top so much ! Its so cool ! I also want this girls hair....

I have recently started to love Rihanna's style, I'm not a fan of the older more masculine approach she had going on, but recently she looks great and all of her clothes are bang on for me. This bra and pants in particular are just stunning.
These ar just a cute pair of shoes I found a while ago.
Lastly is this lovely Baby Doll dress from Topshop, it’s so feminine, and stylish all in one, would look lovely with a pair of red or black heels.

I hope you enjoy the sequins and sparkles just as much as I do !

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Tree Time

Last Night I decorated the tree for my bedroom. We usually only have one tree for the house downstairs, however this year Scott suggested we should have one for my room and voila, Here is our beautiful tree :)

 We used Vintage baubles from Charity shops, lights from Asda, and some tinsel because well, it’s not Christmas without a bit of tinsel.

Birthday Treat In Manchester

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to stay in Manchester with Scotty as part of my birthday present from my dad. We stayed in my favourite Hotel - The Radisson Manchester, had a lovely meal (I had Aubergine Gratin and chips, followed my crème Brule) and did a spot of shopping.

 This was a skirt I bought with some of my Birthday money, I think it's beautiful.
This was the view from the Hotel window, Scott and I love Manchester, and we can't wait to go again in January. 

The German markets are currently on there, so we had a little look round in the evening. It was completely packed and bustling with people, food, lovely presents and the smell of mulled wine and sausages. We shared an apple strudel with custard, and it was so tasty!

And finally, just incase I hadn’t already had such a lovely Birthday; my dad surprised me with this. His name is Pavel and he is the most beautiful shiny thing ever created. I am now the very lucky owner of AN IPAD 2!!!!!! How blooming cool is that.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Your Not 19 Forever

 I had such a lovely Birthday this year. Cecily (a friend) and I went Charity Shopping in our local area. We found tons of great things, and here are just a few to show you.
I adore these beautiful Vintage Baubles, the colours are so pretty. My favourite is the pearly turquoise one in the middle.
 I found these retro style orange plastic chairs for £1.50 each!! They are just so cool.
 I thought this globe was pretty, I may take it off its stand and suspend it from the ceiling with fishing wire.
 These beads were £1.50 And they are about £15 to buy new.
Then I came home and opened all my lovely presents with my mum and Scott.  Molly likes to get involved and lie in the wrapping paper! (I did get the Burger Phone and the Silver shoes :)!!)
 Scott was quite excited too..
We then went for a meal, and finished the night with chocolate cake.
All in all a really lovely day, Thank you to everyone who was invloved x

Monday, 5 December 2011


 Lola is doing well now; she’s 4 months old and has big beautiful brown eyes and a silky chestnut coat.
 She adores carrots and broccoli, and these cute little rabbit fruit sticks that we buy her as a treat.
 Scott's really good at looking after her, he is usually in charge of cleaning her out ! But she is just so cute and silky and we love her a lot. ( even though she did pee in my hair in her first week)  
As always - a reference to Katy Perry. I really like this picture, and the bunny is mega cute.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Kinder Night

The other night Scotty and I had a 'Kinder Night' which basically entitled us to munch our way through every kinder product available to us in the shop!
Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture until we had already eaten a few, hence the empty wrappers, but nether the less you get the idea.
I always have these strange cravings for a certain type of food, and this night it was for Kinder. I personally like the Hippo's the best.