Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Instagram Diary

Here are a few snaps from instagram over the last few weeks:

Scott and I went to Manchester for a night when he got back from the Olympics, we ate wonderful food at The Tampopo (One of my new favourite places to eat) and Yo sushi.

We shared a platter with lots of tasty dishes from the menu, then followed by a seared rare steak salad, more Goyza (pork dumplings) a diet coke and ginger beer for me, and a tiger beer for Scott. The tiger beer bottles are so lovely, and they always make me wish I liked beer more... but sadly it is something that has never appealed to me. 

While Scott was at the Olympics I went to an art gallery in LLandudno with my mum (Mostyn gallery) where they had these incredible polystyrene objects that looked like rocks, and were the result of what had been washed up on a beach and been weathered down to the size and shapes of rocks - they were really impressive.
I spent a lot of time with Alfred my kitten/Cat, and finally was reunited with Scott in Manchester :)

We went to a Chinese supermarket in China town, which I was in love with! They had such awesome food packaging, and odd little treats that I wanted to sample, but what intrigued me the most was the little shrine they had in the supermarket?! It was really pretty with little fairy lights and ornate details ( I like tacky kitsch things so this was right up my street) 
We made chocolate fairy cakes, and American style waffles with ice cream and chocolate sauce for the tearoom, and lastly took my nephew Rhun to the circus that came to town. Sadly I wasn't allowed to take pictures, only this sneaky one of Rhun holding the gigantic snake.

Here are a few shots Scott took at the Olympic opening ceremony - The lucky thing!!
A Welsh Rarebit 9Posh Cheese on toast) at the Sugar Plum Tearoom, and Me doing a spot of shopping at Selfridge's.
I love instagram, with most phone apps i get bored and move onto something new, but Instagrams is still holding my attention, I particularly like the 'Waldon' effect which adds a slight blue tinge to my photo's.

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