Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pitta bread pizza's

 I've not had pitta bread pizza's in years! they're something I always had at my friends house when we were younger, and we'd always make them ourselves which added to the fun :)
They're super easy to make and providing you have pitta breads, then you can usually make these with your store cupboard items!
Pitta bread
tomato puree or left over tomato pasta sauce
grated cheese
optional - basil leaves

Spread the puree or sauce over the whole pitta bread. You could cut them in half if you like but i think the thickness is fine on a whole one! Grate some cheddar cheese and sprinkle over the pitta and puree. Sprinkle a few shakes of dried oregano onto the pizzas and a few basil leaves if you have them.
Put under a hot grill for 5-8 minutes, (or until the cheese is browned and bubbling).
And that's it!

Scott, myself and mum had these over the weekend and they really warmed us up on a cold afternoon! I'm sure if you have kids they'd also be great as I always loved putting them together and eating them when I was little!

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