Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Your Not 19 Forever

 I had such a lovely Birthday this year. Cecily (a friend) and I went Charity Shopping in our local area. We found tons of great things, and here are just a few to show you.
I adore these beautiful Vintage Baubles, the colours are so pretty. My favourite is the pearly turquoise one in the middle.
 I found these retro style orange plastic chairs for £1.50 each!! They are just so cool.
 I thought this globe was pretty, I may take it off its stand and suspend it from the ceiling with fishing wire.
 These beads were £1.50 And they are about £15 to buy new.
Then I came home and opened all my lovely presents with my mum and Scott.  Molly likes to get involved and lie in the wrapping paper! (I did get the Burger Phone and the Silver shoes :)!!)
 Scott was quite excited too..
We then went for a meal, and finished the night with chocolate cake.
All in all a really lovely day, Thank you to everyone who was invloved x

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