Thursday, 29 December 2011

Food, Family & Friends

 This is just a snippet of our Chistmas table

I love these fairy lights from Paperchase, they have these wonderful vintage colours and they are battery powered so they don’t need to be next to a plug!
This is my Nephew opening his Christmas presents from my sister Nia
Boxing Day we went for a walk to the beach with the dogs. This is Molly; the name of my blog (Seabear) comes from this lovely lady, as I’ve always thought she looked part dog, part bear, and part sea lion, and so Seabear was born!

This is Ella, my other lovely lady.

Lastly the 28th is my Grandma's birthday, so Scott and I made her a lemon drizzle bundt cake. We had a slight accident as the cake broke in half as we tried to get it out the tin, but it still tasted yummy.

We went for a meal, and ended the night with loads of wonderful games such as Treasure hunts, cards and quizzes. Such a lovely night, and yeh, that’s my cow one-sy.

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