Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Decorations

It's Christmas time!
I'm home from uni for three weeks of Christmas and i'm so happy!
We've already got our family christmas tree up downstairs, but Scott and I started a new tradition last year where we get a small (well actually not that small this year) tree for my room too! We have lots of vintage baubels from charity shops and some new colourful one from paper chase!
We also started another tradition last year - Each year we are together we will buy a new special bauble for the tree. So the theory is when were older we will have a tree full of wonderful and interesting baubles that remind us of our time together :)
Last years was the first, and it was a glittery pink bird from Paperchase...
This year we bought a glittery dinosaur bauble, again from Paperchase! I know they're both not at all festive but they were so pretty and make us both happy looking at them.
 This is our tree :) It hasn't got any lights on in this picture! But it shows the gist of what it looks like :)
Also Scott being really creepy with the bauble :P

 And lastly my beautiful little man Alfred who was snoozing while we were decorating, so we had a little giggle covering him in baubles on my bed!

It's so lovely to be home with my family and friends and Scott! I'm loving uni, but it really does make you appreciate how special everything back home is, and it's also really wonderful to be back with the animals too! It's surprising how much you miss them ....

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