Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Lights

Scott and I stumbled across this awesome house in Rhyd Uchaf, North Wales with tons and tons of vintage christmas light fixtures! I'm a real sucker for anything that lights up, neon signs, fairy lights, lava lamps etc so these were right up my street. Yes maybe a little excessive, but it was so pretty to look at and a really exciting thing to find as we were just having a casual drive down this quiet country lane ( In the middle of nowhere) after a lovely walk with the dogs. They leave them up all year and you can leave a donation for charity when visiting.

 Fortunately they had this sign letting us go into their garden to have a proper look which I thought was really kind of them!

 This os my Christmas wooly jumper which Scott has 'acquired' this year ;)
There were lot of nativity themed plastic lights, I especially like the sheep, reindeer and santa!!!

 Next time we will definatly g at night time when the effect is in full, but even still it was worth going :)

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