Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gingerbread House Building

Gingerbread house making! My mums lovely friedn Cath had a special evening in our tearoom for mums and daughters to decorate a gingerbread house, unfortunatly I hadnt come back from uni in time and I missed out, so she was kind enough to leave me some bits and peices so i coud have a go when i got home :)
I used smarties, jellytots and gummy bears!
The icing is Royal icing and it sets and acts like a glue to stick the gingerbread house together and help stick on decorations.  Recipe Here
It was a little rushed and aI had a little accident with the icing and spilt it on the front (hence the white smudges) but it was a fun little project when I got home - One which Scott later enjoyed devouring...

The doggies were also eying up the gingerbread House!!
You can get gingerbread house making kits from Lakeland with the walls/roof etc made already and even little icing people ready to stick on.

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