Monday, 9 April 2012

Blue Planet Aquarium Day

On Saturday Scott and I went to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Cheshire Oaks! It was a really lovely day out, a little expensive, but very interesting! It's really hard to take photo's in the aquarium due to the terrible lighting, but I gave it a go and here are a few pictures of what we saw and got up too!
Shark's are awesome. Pretty scary, but incredible animals! I love this guy's beady little eyes, and his mega fang teeth!
Scott was quite impressed with the sharks too ;) I really like this picture! The coral is pretty, Scott is being... well Scott! And the glistening blue water is lovely.

Sting Rays have the cutest little faces! We got to pet some little rays in the petting area (my favourite surprise surprise) they're skin is very coarse but their little noses are lovely and bob out of the water.

I was really happy to see the crocodile! Can you spot his beady eyes below? It was interesting to see his head on the surface, then look below the tank where the water had refracted his body. He was floated perfectly still for 30 minutes!

Fish, sharks, rays, crocodiles, lobsters, and even snakes, spiders and FROGS! This pleased me greatly. Here are two very chunky looking fellas (toads).

I've always had a thing for frogs, especially the blue ones. My grandad took me to the museum in Manchester when I was younger to see the poisonous blue frogs, and I had the poster, along with the Titanic film poster on my bedroom walls for years. They always remind me of him and I love finding them in museums and zoo's.
They had some very small frogs that were incredibly quick at jumping, and a bit of a pain to photograph, but they were beautiful.
Seabear wanted to come... Scott took a few snaps before we left, and this one made me giggle.
They fed the clown fish (nemo fish) when we were by them so they were all fanatically trying to eat the shrimpy white blobs that you can see at the top of the picture.

The yellow and blue colours work so lovely together.

This is the bottom and feet of a duck that was on top of the trout tank. I liked that they included the ducks as part of the display.

Scott likes to read each sign and information card meticulously, whereas I like to dash round quickly to see as much as possible as fast as possible! So this was one of the few pictures I managed to pry him away from the information.
 I really dislike the shops in Cheshire Oaks, I don't think I've ever bought anything from there other than food, however, the Cadbury Factory shop is awesome. And they sell Snapple which I had when I was in America, and it's delicious!

I fell in love with this little fella! He was an inflatable 'Bath predator' and was made of a Matt plastic-y material, SO COOL!! But he was £12 so we had to leave him behind, but one day, I will have a bath predator.

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