Monday, 9 April 2012

David Shrigley 'Brain Activity' exhibition

As I said in my London post, I went to an exhibiton of David Shrigley's work called 'Brain activity' and I loved it! I'm usually more into decorative art and a sculpture girl, but he had some incredibly humorous drawings that really made me laugh and changed my opinion on drawing and illustration. 
The gallery was at the 'Southbank Centre' which is a lovely gallery that I first went to last summer when Tracey Emin had an exhibition (FYI - I really like Tracey Emin).

David's drawing's/illustrations are simple yet really tap into everyday thoughts and situations, and provoke a smile and a giggle which is something that I look for in artwork. He manages to bring to light the humour of everyday life in a simple and easily readable way.

I'm not the best at explaining myself, I mean well but it never comes across to others the way I'm thinking it in my head. So if you're interested in a much more interesting and educated description of his exhibition,  I suggest you read this - Article on David Shrigley exhibition.

David had a range of drawings and illustrations, photography, sculpture and paining.  I liked these two photographs, as again they amuse me in that way that makes your lips curl at the side when you look at them.

Many people argue 'what is art' and sometimes I do question what some artists do. But my idea is that if someone is trying to express and idea, opinion or thought, they can do so in whatever media or way they like, and that is art. Yes this painting above doesn't look technically impressive, but the simplistic qualities and colours choices, anchored by the wording really please me. It's just making you stop and think about things that you wouldn't usually consider as art or interesting - such as a bird eating a worm. 
I even brought the book this time. I don't usually, (as much as I would love to) as they can be pricey, but it's always lovely to have the memories and inspiration in your hand that you can look over at other times.

The above picutres are all from google images, as I always feel awkward taking pictures in galleries!!

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