Friday, 6 April 2012

London in 24 Hours

Scott and I went to London for a night and a day on Monday. Scott's a volunteer for the 2012 Olympics in London, so he had to attend a training day in Stratford, and I tagged along for the ride!
We ate breakfast, then went our separate ways. I spent the most of the day walking as you tend to do when your in London, eating, and trying to visit some art galleries. Then when Scott had finished we met up and went to Nando's for some lovely chicken.

I think the colour is lovely on this sign at Chester Station and the brick wall is gorgoeus too.

The weather was pretty grim but we still enjoyed our brief stay!

 I wore my new United States flag trousers which I Love, with my Red Dr Martins, and a black coat to keep the rain off!

I had a delicious raspberry macaroon from a delicatessen in Covent Garden.

There's not much greenery in London but I loved this hanging Ivy under a walkway on the way to the Waterloo underground.
Whilst crossing the bridge at Embankment I found this collection of broken skateboards which were beautifully distressed and full of interesting colours!  I later realised there a mini skate park further along, which explains the mass graveyard!

I went to a wonderful exhibition by David Shrigly called ' Brain Acvitiy' at the South Bank Centre, and it was really inspiring, and actually quite comical. It had me in a fit of laughter at some of his drawing's which isn't the best idea in a silent gallery but hey ho ! I enjoyed it.
I will post a little more about his exhibition later...

After all the walking I got tired and needed some more energy in the from of glazed sticky buts from one of the salvation army stands. They re very yummy but a bit hard on the old molars!

 Finally we ended out short stay with a meal at Nando's. I Love Nando's. The chicken is delicious, you get to help yourself to drinks and sauces and they have bottomless frozen yogurt. What more can you ask for?! I usually have the double chicken pitta bread (medium spiced) with corn on the cob and chips. Scott had butterfly chicken and chips. We then left London at Euston Station and had a lovely chat and a few games of chess during the 2 hour train ride back home! 

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