Thursday, 20 September 2012

BLT - Scott and Beth Style

You cant beat a good old BLT. For those of you who don't know what a BLT is (I say this as my Grandad didn't have the faintest idea), a BLT is one of the world's yummiest sandwich consisting of Bacon, lettuce and tomato's. I like to have my with freshly cooked warm bacon but it can be served hot or cold. Scott and I do not tend to eat sandwich's for lunch very often, we usually prefer picking at random things in the fridge and making an odd combination of left overs and yummy things, but today we fancied a sandwich, and this one in particular. Another favourite of ours in Brie and cranberry, it's just so yummy!!!But like i said, today was BLT day so this was how we did it-
French baguette, cheesy bread, whatever floats your boat.
2-3 pieces of bacon per person (we like smoked bacon)
1 large or two small tomato's per person
lettuce of your choice - We had baby leaf but something crunchy like baby gem would work well too.
optional - tomato chutney

Not that I really need to explain how to make a sandwich, it's more of a food inspiration for lunch times, but for those with very basic food knowledge (and you have to start somewhere, actually we were taught how to make a sandwich in cookery class at school one year, so it's not so silly!?)

cut open your bread and butter both sides. If you are using chutney you can spread that on now before the sandwich gets full of the other fillings.
Fry your bacon. I usually cut the rind off before cooking as Scott hates the fat, and I'm not a big fan either unless it's frazzled towards an inch of it''s life. Once the bacon is cooked, add it to the bread straight away, this will gently heat the bread and melt the butter which is extra yummy. Chop your tomato thinly and layer on the side of bread that doesn't have the bacon. now layer on the lettuce and 'sanwhich' it all together. We had to use cocktail sticks as we had overfilled (in a good way) our sandwiches and they were collapsing and leaking filling onto our laps :)
 And that's it! A very simple yet extra tasty option for lunch :)

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