Friday, 21 September 2012

London with Mum

So mum and I went for a long weekend to London a few weeks back to spend some quality time together before uni. It was really special and we had such a great time! We went to art galleries, ate tons and tons of cake and went to the natural history museum (and of course did a little shopping!!)

We visited the Nordic Bakery where they serve these delicious cinnamon rolls. they are quite filling (even for me) but warm, sticky and sweet with a lovely taste of cinnamon.
The decor it very spacious and simple which really works well and is well worth a visit for a quick coffee and a cake.
I LOVE Damien Hirst. I'd heard many reports about the exhibition, not all good, but I still really wanted to go, and I have to say it was one of my favourite exhibitions I've been too. I think his work is so interesting and really stops to make you think about the topics he's investigating, also his aesthetic is just incredible and everything is so brightly coloured yet some are natural and delicate. So worth it seeing, and already increased my love for him....
This is one of his pieces, it's outside the TATE modern where the exhibition was.
We went to a really cool French patisserie cafe in Soho called Maison bertaux  
where they sold this yummy fruit tart (It really reminds me of the cream cake in Matilda, which is my favourite film of all time).
 We also visited primrose Bakery in Primrose Hill which has a tiny little shop but delicious homemade cakes and cupcakes. 

I had a brownie and ice tea in another little cake shop (we really did eat a LOT OF CAKE ...)

The Natural History museum was really fascinating. We went to the inside out exhibition which explains and shows all about how the insides of animals work. Unfortunately you couldn't take photographs so that was a bummer!
They had these beautiful jars full of real animal specimens kept in preserving liquid as samples in the lower floor. There were all kinds from reptiles to fox's and birds, all kept in hundreds of jars. 
 Mum having her usual drink of choice, sparkling water! I had a pear juice (this was also in the Nordic Bakery)

 Mum also had a very jammy flapjack in another cafe 'Fleetriver bakery' near Holborn. it was extra delicious and I kept sneaking a few pieces.
 We also visited China town, I just love all the packaging! The colours and text are so vibrant :) I bough Scott some Panda biscuits from here as a small present, we usually get them from Selfridges but they were much cheaper here which is a bonus!
And finally we got the train home... :(  Such a wonderful time and Thank you to my mum for always being there and making things special x

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