Thursday, 20 September 2012

Giving it a go - Apple Lattice Pie

I have never been any good at pies. it's usually the pastry where I tend to fall, but even when that goes right I can never guarantee success with the filling ! This pie however (with the sneaky aid of shop bought pastry)  was pretty darn good to be honest. I've never made a lattice pie before (the ones that look like weaving on the top) but was heavily influenced by a couple of American food blogs and decided it was finally time....
I chose apple and ginger as it's not quite blackberry season, and Tesco don't sell fresh blackcurrants at the minute.
I've also recently made a pumpkin pie, but my family devoured it before I had time to photograph it, so I will have to make that again as it was very worth posting on here!

1 pack shortcrust pastry (or you could be good and make your own)
5 cooking apples
fresh ginger
2 tablespoons caster or brown sugar
sprinkle of cinnamon
egg yolk for brushing over the top

Roll our your pastry and place it into your desired oven proof dish. scrape away the excess pastry from the rim and chill in the fridge whilst you prepare your apples. Keep the excess ass you'll need it for the lattice part..
preheat oven to gas mark 6.
Cut up your apples into chunks. This part is totally your call - some people like the apple thinner, some chunky, some mushy some firm etc.
I like some chunky firm pieces but also a nice bit of oozy apple.
Stew your apple in a pan along with the sugar and cinnamon, you may need to add a dessert spoon of water to stop the apple sticking to the pan initially. I then grated the fresh ginger into the apple mixture and left to simmer for a few minutes. If you want a few chunky pieces in the pie hold a few back on a little plate and add them to the mixture once the rest have almost cooked.
I put my apples into a bowl and left them to cool before adding them to the pastry.
once the apples have cooled, add them the prepared pastry dish.
Now roll out the remaining pastry, and cut thin slices (long enough to cover the top of the pie).
If your having trouble, there are plenty of videos on you tube showing how to do this part). Brush the top pastry with egg yolk for colour, and you can always sprinkle a little more sugar on here too.
once you've finished preparing your pie it's ready for the oven.
Cook for about 30 - 40 mins, depending on how browned you like it.
And that's it!
 Scott and I had our pie with clotted cream, and my grandparents and dad enjoyed theirs with custard!
I feel all autumny recently as the weather has changed so quickly, and i'm already enjoying bringing out the winter socks, blankets and warming puddings :)

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