Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birthday Month - December 6th!


Well we can all dream can't we?
Here are just a few things I would love to receive this year for my 19th Birthday :)

 I adore this top! But I would wear it as a skirt I think! From Urban Outfitters.

This cake looks so yummy from Patisserie Valerie

I think this dress is really pretty and looks very festive! All I need now is a pair of red sandals and a Christmas jumper to match! Modcloth

 These Flamingo earrings are lovely from Hannah Makes Things!

 I know I have the green version already.. But these silver ones and the red are equally as pretty! Schuh.

  A neon sign for my bedroom!

Not going to happen, but hey ho.

Hehe, these are so cute! I already have a Lego man torch keying from last Christmas

 I've already posted these shoes on here, but I still think their awesome.

Ever since watching Juno, I have wanted one of these phones!! Maybe not the most practical item ever, but who cares, it’s a burger phone?! Accessorize
And finally this awesome eletric green bag from Jansport.

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