Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Our beautiful boy Harrison

 Last Thursday we had a terrible thing happen to our family. Our gorgeous boy Harrison was hit by a car
near our house :(
 I wanted to share just a couple of these pictures with you as he meant so much to us all, and was such a little character. We are so heartbroken by loosing him, but I guess there is some solace in knowing he wasn't in any pain as it was instant.

 This isn’t the most skilled of photographs, but it just makes me smile. Harrison would always sneakily drink the remains of my tea from my cup, and I caught him doing it on camera just this once!
Sadly this was the last photograph I took of him before he died, which really hurts to look at it, but again he was being a cheeky chappy and trying to sample my chilli which is to the left of him.
This was Harry as a kitten.
He wasn't just a cat, he was a member of the family and he will always be remembered. He filled our house with such love and fun and happiness, we will never ever forget him xxx

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