Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Re-desigining a bag

Yesterday I made this bag from an old vintage purse and chain my mum found lying around at the back of our shop. The beading reminds me of those cheap little purses you have when you're little, and I loved that!
There is a little pink stain down the side, but I think it adds something more to look at rather than being a problem. 
This was the bag before.
 I really didn't like the chain and it was broken anyway. The fringing was ok but most of it was missing and I thought it would look neater without it.
Finally the zip was stuck so I decided for full reconstruction!

       1.Firstly I cut off the old zip.
 2.Then I unpicked the stitching on all four sides of the bag and removed the fringing. Then I sewed on the new zip.
3.Next I sewed the three sides back up together.
4.And lastly, using fishing wire, created a new strap made from a pattern of pearls, white beads, and plastic beads, before sewing it onto the finished bag.
Overall I think it now looks much better, and I can actually use it as a bag, rather than just keeping it in a pile of things because it looks pretty.

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  1. Love these bags! they remind me of my childhood...