Friday, 10 February 2012

D.I.Y Jar Tops (Toy Figurines part 2)

 Here is Part 2 of my DIY Toy figurines.
What you will need:
Toy Figurines
Glue Gun
Spray can paint in your desired colour
 I have tons of jars of beads and sequins and little bits that need homes. But sometimes all the jars and containers can get messy, so i decided to try out this little technique to make them a little more interesting and fun.

 Some lids have pretty patterns such as jam lids, Bonne Maman in particular and you may want to leave them as they are. Others however can have lots of advertising and rubbish on and would look better sprayed another colour. You can use whatever colour you like, but i think white works well as it doesn't clash with the colourful toys.
1) Place the lids on a surface you don't mind being sprayed. You should do this outside as the fumes from spray cans are really gross. Then leave to dry for at least and hour (Or overnight is best) until they are dry.

 2) Now make sure your glue gun is hot, and glue a large amount of glue to the bottom of your toy. Now stick the snail to the top of the jar. I liked this snail as he was short enough to fit on the lid, but nice and fat so he filled most of the space up.
 And that is all there is too it! It's dead simple and looks really good. Now you can fill your jars with bits of broken or usable jewellery, beads, you name it.

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