Saturday, 18 February 2012

D.I.Y Teabags

Hello there !
I haven't blogged for a week now and I feel really bad. It's not like I feel I have to blog, its just I think it's so important to document all the little things that happen in our lives that may be forgotten over time without something like a blog to document them. I've been mega busy this week attempting to put some form of a portfolio together for university, and I haven't had much time for my usual things like walks with Scott, cooking and crafty things. But I made time to try out this cute DIY that I found from - Amanda, and can't wait to be back to normal and not so stressed :)
What you will need:
Tea leaves, or the contents of a teabag.
Coloured card
Filter paper (I used coffee filter paper from Tesco)
Embroidery Thread
Sewing Machine
 1) Start by cutting a rectangle into two sides of the filter paper. Then sew three sides leaving one open to add the tea leaves.
 2) Add the tealeaves. At this stage you could add flavourings such as peppermint etc to flavour your tea, personally I like mine plain.
 3) Cut two shapes (whatever you like) out of card. I chose a heart and made it from this lovely red glittered paper.
 4) Use your sewing machine to sew the embroidery thread to one side of your card. Then glue the other piece onto the sewed side.
5) With the other end of the thread, you need to sew the bag to the thread using your machine.
 6) Gently fold over the stich making sure the thread is central, and there is no gaps for the leaves to leak from.
 Finally sew the fold down, and thats all there is too it.

 It's super cute, and although its unpractical for everday use, it looks lovely if your having a tea party, friends over, or even as a gift!

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