Sunday, 26 February 2012

Victoria Sponge

Afternoon tea and cake =
Very British, yummy and perfect for a Sunday Afternoon.

Today I fancied making (and eating of course) a Victoria Sandwhich cake. It's one of those classic cakes that most people like, but not something I make regularly, I'm usually more of a brownie or chocolate cake girl, but today called for fresh strawberries and raspberry jam sandwhiched between two layers of soft moist sponge :) Scott and I worked on this little beauty, and it was quickly consumed by the family!
6 oz  plain flour
6 oz  soft unsalted
6 oz  sugar
3 large eggs
tbsp (ish) milk
1.5 teaspoons baking powder
2 teaspoons vanilla extract (not essence)

Raspberry Jam
Whipped cream
Icing Sugar
Place all ingredients into processor. Blend until combined, adding enough milk to give the mixture dropping consistency. Then place into two equal sized cake tins.
Put in oven for 25 minutes, Gas mark 4 (180 degrees). If you are not sure if it is cooked put in a skewer (or knife if you don’t have one). If it comes out clean (without sticky cake mixture on it) it is done.

Now for the fun bit
Spread raspberry jam (I personally prefer it to strawberry) on both sides of your sponge, this helps add more moisture and as I'm such a sweet junkie, helps to add a  bit more sugar.
Now slice your strawberries into roughly four slices per berry, and layer on one side. Now whip your cream and spread a generous helping over the strawberrys.

Finally add the top layer. Mix your icing sugar with lemon juice (this again is a personal preference, and you could use water, or even just dust a little powder on the top)  and spread a smooth layer on the top. Finish with a fresh strawberry , and enjoy with a cup of tea.
 I really like the colours od the polka dot Bridgewater plates, they look really pretty next to the whiteness of the icing, and the vibrant red strawberry.


I was supposed to only take a bite of the cake for the below picture, but I got a little carried away eating and forgot about taking pictures. I do however quite like the realistic qualities as it shows that it was some pretty scrummy cake.

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