Friday, 24 February 2012

Flowers, cake, camera's and creative people

Today I was lucky enough to tag along to a photoshoot in the gorgeous countryside, in a beautiful stone washed barn full of beautiful distressed furniture, yummy cake, stunning flowers and a collection of the finest creative minds in Denbighshire! My mum Hazel, and a handful of other creative women are part of a group promoting Denbighshire for all the talent and beautiful products it has to offer, and today they had their first collaborative photoshoot. The set was beautiful and looked like something you'd find in country living magazine, or perhaps even better!! We had Patchwork pate for lunch, and a delicious slice of cake after shooting. I will post pictures as soon as Holly the photographer (Her blog) has had a chance to go through them etc, here is just a taster from my camera.
I love the French Chalet colour effect of the dresser next to the bright rich red of the chair, and of course the gorgeous Stanley doggy.

 Angharad from Maia florists provided the beautifully coloured fresh flowers.They look extra lovely in the pale floral vase from Homewoodbound.
And this was just a little wooden and distressed ladder in the corner of the barn that I thought was amazing. The little pleasures in life ! I will post the real shoot as soon as I have the go ahead from above ;)

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