Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Abersoch March2012 part 1

Abersoch is a lovely little seaside town in Wales, where Scott's parents' have a caravan. Over the weekend we went to celebrate being together for one year, and we have a wonderful time eating, exploring, and charity shopping :)!
Ive done this into two posts as I used my camera (Canon E0S) and my Iphone with instagram and they both give very different looks.

Scott's always at his happiest whens he's in Abersoch or 'the soc' as I like to call it.

Scott was lovely and carried my shiny red shoes as I was taking pictures and finding things in the sand.
Abersoch has these beautiful beach huts (which are mega expensive to buy) and they are all lovely colours and look very 1950's British Holiday-ish!

I like the one with the red and white striped door.
And the yellow one as it's the brightest colour :)
But.... what I love to look at most in Abersoch are the buoys! (excuse the pun). They have tons and tons of beautifully worn and distressed pink, green, white, blue coloured buoys which are tied to various boats and are kept in a large pile by the harbour. I really really want to take one home with me, and maybe convert it into a light or even to just hang from the ceiling.
I love the colours of this small paining. Scott took this picture, I think he quite enjoys the whole blogging thing now, he's good at making sure I remember my camera, and he likes taking a few shots of bits and pieces himself.
The daily contact lens!

This as a piece of a rotting boat, but I really like the flakiness of the yellow paint, and though it deserved a picture.
The same thing here really, I love how the sea and weather have taken their toll on the painted wooden boat.
We had a quick stop for oil, the blue of the plastic is very pretty.

Scott had been counting down until the mileage was '44444' but we forgot to keep checking, and the next time we did it had passed it and was up to '44446' which amused me, but Scott not so much ;)

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