Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cheese on toast beth stylee

I love cheese on toast. It's one of those delicious foods that always makes you feel better, especially when your ill. This week i was not ill, but after making these as a snack before going to Abersoch a few weeks back, I have developed a new food obsession from them.
The recipe is from my grandma's cook book which she's had since she married my grandad, and its full of old recipes in a beautifully worn out handwritten book. It's become a bit of a family heirloom now and its been the source of many scrummy meals!
1 egg
3 handfuls of grated cheese
2-3 Slices of toast (depending on how cheesey you want them to be)
Salt&Pepper to taste

This makes roughly 2-3 slices

1. Grate your cheese into a bowl.
2. Now whisk in your egg. Don't worry if it looks a little wet, it's meant to at this stage, and the egg will fully cook !
3. Add some salt and pepper

4. Toast your toast briefly for a minute, or until fractionally toasted. This is just so both sides are slightly firmer.
5. Now spread your mixture on your toast, and grill on high for roughly 5 mins or until browned. If your cheese has toasted too quickly, lower the heat to ensure all the egg has been cooked.
And there you have it! Wonderfully thick, creamy warm cheese on toast :) I find the egg lessens the grease that you can sometimes get from just grilling the cheese.

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