Thursday, 29 March 2012

Charm Bracelet's

Charm Bracelet's make me happy.

Charm bracelet's are gorgeous thing's. I really like making my own out of quirky one off pieces that I find and collect.
This is one I made recently. I really love the lamb charm Which is just a plastic toy lamb from a farm toy collection which I put a hole and jump ring through to make a charM. The yellow sickle is from a car boot sale (I had to rummage deep to find this) the pink vile is a Harry Potter Lego piece. I used to adore Harry Potter Lego, and built my own castle and surrounding buildings that were my interpretation of Hogwarts when I was younger. The skeleton foot is from a Simpson's magazine where they gave away a free build your own skeleton. The iron is from an old Monopoly game, and the other pieces were just in one of my jars full of plastic-y rubbish (which I love and don't really think are rubbish).
 This bracelet is a vintage one that my mum got for me from another car boot sale. It's beautiful but kept breaking. I took it apart and replaced the jump rings so now it still has it's lovely old look, but is now wearable!
Ive already posted about this particular charm bracelet, but I thought it should be included in this post as it is beautiful and part of my now expanding collection. It was my Grandma's and is very special to me!
And finally this piece which I made for college. Were doing a project about a journey, and these are all thing's I found on my journey, including fag ends, ring pulls, cap gun plastics etc. I really like how it turned out!
I love the colour of the pink vile! And it reminds me of the hours I used to spend building Lego things :)

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