Thursday, 1 March 2012

And Bethany shall be going to Uni!

So last week my mum Hazel and I went to two university interviews in Nottingham for Decorative Arts, and Leicester for Footwear Design. I spent the best part of Monday and Tuesday frantically running from the printer to college to home to the camera etc trying to put a portfolio together, which I did eventually manage to do, but only in the nick of time as my family are well aware of :) !

We started the day with a full English breakfast (those who know me know I do not function  well without food) and found our way to the interview rooms. Then there was a lot of waiting! But to be honest it's not as scary as you might think! The tutors looked through my portfolio, asked questions about my work and why I wanted to do the course etc and that was it ! The next day the same process, this time for Leicester, and it is just amazing there!

I'm not usually to finicky about what I wear, (it's usually a dress which helps prevent the putting things together process)  but I put a bit more effort in this time and decided to go for this assemble.

Dress: Juicy Couture (From a special occasion, I can't usually afford that!)
Shoes: Red or dead
Bag: H&M
 These pictures were all taken by my mum, who is also a document-er! Here I was on Tuesday morning panicking and laying my portfolio out all over the floor, and making a right royal mess.

But...... It was all worth it ..... Because.....
 I got two unconditional offers :)! So very very happy!!!

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