Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day out to Betws-Y-Coed

Scott and I went to Betws-Y-coed for afternoon tea (Betws is a little welsh town,very toursit-y and always raining, but pleasant). Scott's been working most Saturdays of late so we haven't been many places like we usually would, so it was lovely to get back into exploring new food places and walks.

 I wore my new dress which was £3.99 from the Charity shop, Bargain :)
It's originally from Warehouse, and was £40!
 Scott had his sunglasses on as per, even whilst it was drizzly!

We shared a pot of tea, and a diet coke (bad habit!)
And ate a platter each made of ham & cheese sandwiches, Scones, welsh cakes, jam, cream and Bara Brith (Which is like a welsh fruity bread).
Later we went into a lovely little Deli, and I bought these two bottles of flavoured water to add to cake recipes and icing!

I found these dead cool shiny red welly boots in Lidl, but opted out at the last minute when I saw they were £6.99. I know, I'm terribly stingy.
I ran out of battery in my camera so these were taken on my iphone, and I used the instagram app for the filters, I chose a dark one here to emphasise the rainbow, and it is quite poignant!

I have a 'thing' for these plastic ice cream cones, I think they're gorgeous, and one day I will take one home with me!

I can't take him anywhere....

 Lots of yummy cake shops were dotted around the town, I personally love Cherry Bakewells.
Lastly we took the dogs to the river, and came home to a bowl of warm pasta that my Mum had made. All in all a lovely day together, and hopefully many more to come now Scottt's free again on Saturday's :)

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