Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Alfie the kitten

This is Alfie, the lovely little addition to our family. He is 11 Weeks old and is such a little character already! We had many name choices including Alfie, Oscar, Charlie and various others, but eventually it was a mutual decision for Alfie. He is a Bengal cross, and looks like the Felix cat advert :) Last Thursday we went to pick him up from Runcorn after seeing the advert on the Preloved website, which I would recommend for finding pets such as kittens, puppies cats etc. We've used it before to find Lola the Hare and it's really simple to use and free!  

He loves this little radiator bed we got from the discount shop in Llandudno! It attaches to the radiator with metal hooks and is covered with a fleece material that keeps him all soft and warm while he sleeps.
It's actually really hard to take photographs of cats, especially kittens as they never stop moving, and the majority of my pictures were blurred! But I managed to sneak a couple while he was having a snooze.

This picture's a bit blurred, but it makes me laugh! He looked so confused at the whole process of a camera, but I'm sure he will get used to it soon enough, the other members of my family are quite used to me documenting things at both appropriate and inappropriate times :)
He loves the scratch pole! It's best to get a scratch pole for kittens and cats, as they are less likely to scratch the furniture if they have one, which pleases my mum!

Here are just a few instagrams I took of him as well. If you follow me on instagram you've probably been bombarded with my mass of Alfie pictures so I do apologise (beth 2852).

I will keep you up to date with his settling in, and I'm sure he will start appearing in a lot more photo's soon!

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  1. He's adorable! Hoping to see more of him in your posts <3