Wednesday, 23 May 2012

D.I.Y fruit ice cubes

Hello there :)
Here is a ridiculously simple and easy recipe/D.I.Y of how to add a little more colour and fun into a drink.

 What you will need:
Ice cube tray
raspberries (blueberry's, sliced strawberry etc etc)
mint (lemon rind, midget jems, other small fruits, herbs etc etc)

1. Add your raspberries and mint, or whatever combination you choose to your ice cube tray.

2. Fill your tray until full but not overflowing.

3. Place in freezer for half and hour - hour. Take out the trays and give the berries ad mint a little poke so that they stay beneath the ice that has formed ( this keeps the fruit central so they don't bulge out of the top of the ice cube).

4. Freeze until completely frozen and serve with a tasty drink.

These are really good if your having a summer dinner party and want to jazz up a jug of water, or even good in a cocktail.

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