Monday, 28 May 2012

BBQ Season

Just a little post to show what I've been up too (and eating mainly) this week. It's been mega hot here in North Wales as many of you are probably aware, and it's been perfect weather for a BBQ. I know it's a bit stereotypical for us British to leap at the chance to have a BBQ  at any hint of sun, but why not when it's so glorious!!!! It dosn't take much to make a lovely BBQ for the family, and even if your not a big meat eater, there are plenty of options available that work well.
Scott was in charge of cooking the meat (which was delicious) and I had the womanly task of marinating the chicken, preparing salads and setting the table... I secretly really like doing this so it's ok ;)
The kebabs got a bit charcoaled, but I suppose it wouldn't be a BBQ if something wasn't at least a little frazzled. We also had asparagus in olive oil, salt and pepper, sausages, and red peppers stuffed with feta cheese (my favourite).
This was a second night where we had marinated chicken breasts, small beef burgers with a peppercorn crust and more sausages. The tin foil is for my mum - she likes to have fish so I think she was having rainbow trout steamed with lemon.

I'm a big shloer fan (the cranberry and white grape combination) so I always try to have it for BBQ's and Christmas.

We had the BBQ as part of family meal night, so my grandparent's were part of it, and from what I gathered they very much enjoyed it!
For dessert we had brandy snap baskets filled with Cornish ice cream, and topped with fresh fruit and a toffee sauce (the same sauce I posted in my 'pudding in a hurry' post).
And lastly - not forgetting seabear who waits patiently under the picnic table for any cast offs and crumbs, she is also a fan of eating outside as she's more likely to be fed from under the table, and as she's a Labrador her life revolves mainly around food - much like mine to be honest :)I hope Ive inspired you to get eating outside and enjoying the sun while it lasts!


  1. mmm, so much good food. Seabear looks like my pup whenever someone is eating. He literally sits under you hoping for some food to drop into his mouth.

  2. I know the feeling! They're such greedy piglets, but they make me laugh :)