Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cupcake case garland

Here is a quick and easy D.I.Y on how to make a cupcake case garland. It' really simple, and is just a bit of a change from bunting and that sort of thing.

What you will need:
A selection of cupcake cases
A tool for creating a hole
string of thick thread
a handful of beads

It is very simple to make -
1  Cut your thread about 1.5 metres long, or as long as you'd like your garland to be!
2  Group 2-3 cases together and pierce the middle with a hole. Thread them onto the string or thread and then change to a different colour/patterned case.

3 I found to keep some in their position, it was easier to thread on a bead and tie a knot , which creates a stopper so the cases can't move out of place.

4 Carry on threading the cases on, and tie a bead at the start and end of the first and last cupcake case to keep them still.

5 Tie a knot/loop at the ends of the thread and that is all folks!

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