Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tadpoles 10-/11 Weeks - Leg growth

Exciting news on the tadpole front - The first few legs have started to develop! I love it when tadpoles develop their legs, it means their on their way to becoming frogs and it's so interesting to watch!  I first noticed it just under a week ago, and by last night half of them had at least the start of a pair of legs. 

 Once they develop legs like above, you need to add a rock or something that slopes out of the water so that the tadpoles are able to start leaving the water. As their legs grow their lungs become stronger and are able to breath out of the water, so they need to be able to be go in and out of the water as they please.
Their arms/ front legs or whatever you'd like to call them haven't developed yet so that is the next stage, but it won't be long now until they start looking more froglike and less like tadpoles! 
As you can see here they still have long tails, which eventually ware down as the limbs grow as they will no longer be needed.

Once again I will keep you updated!

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