Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My gorgeous man, Alfred

Just a little update of how Alfie, Alfred,Alfredo, Alfie Moon, Moon man (I like naming my animals with nicknames) is getting on :) 
He's just over 5 months and really settled into the family. I't embarrassing to admit, but I actually miss him when I go out for the day?! How sad is that!!! I just love cuddling him a 
and that awesome smell kittens and puppies have. 
The dogs are still not big fans, but he has been edging closer and closer to them, so it is only a matter of time before they make friends...
He loves drinking out of the fish take worryingly, and squeels every time he needs to go to the toilet which is very weird to witness...

 This was Alfie chewing and playing with the ball of wool I was using to knit something for my college work, I was half quite irritated and half in awe at how cute he was, so I let him pull and tug while I knitted a womb (long story).
 This picture really tickles me, it sums up hispersonality, Alfred the ninja cat. 
And lastly this cutie of a pic, my dad and Alfie having a snooze before we went out for a meal. 

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