Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A weekend in Abersoch

 Scott and I recently went to Abersoch and I haven't had chance 9with the tearoom and finishing college) to post the pictures! We had an awesome time as usual, and here are a few pics to summarise what we got up to in those few but precious days :) 
We both have matching crocs (not deliberately), though the size difference is considerable! 
 There are some cute beach houses down one strip of the beach, they're not as quirky as the others i've photographed before, but there's something pretty about the repetition of colour that these have !
 I'm not sure why I'm so ginger here... I don't think my hair usually looks like this?!
 It's nice to be able to paint my nails every once in a while, as I usually take it off for work (hygiene reasons) so if a have a few days off in a row I love to paint them again :)
 We had THE BEST TIME CRABBING. I love crabbing, fishing etc, and Abersoch has the perfect little harbour for catching crabs on a line. I caught about 7 while we were there, and also an eel surprisingly! Scott on the other hand (with his fishing line and sparkly fish things) didn't manage to catch anything ;)
  This was the little eel. I kept him in Scott's toolbox to photograph him as the crabs in the bucket kept trying to pinch him :(
 These are the beautiful crabs we caught. I uses pork sausage, and a net with a line to catch them. It's something i've always enjoyed doing, as my mum and I would go crabbing with nets  when I was younger and lift up rocks etc trying to find them.

Here are a few instagram pics of the holidays and mainly what we ate (as usual)

 My beautiful camera, and the pork sausages we used to catch the crabs ;)

 Costa have brought out a yummy new drink - Strawberry Lemonade which is similar to a drink they had in america when I went a few years ago. It is a bit sickly and synthetic, but nether the less very tasty!

 This is one of my favourite pictures of Scott! I managed to sneak it quickly why he was sorting the line out, and it really just summarises him 9the fishing, old man behaviour, Abersoch etc)
 I still maintain that I will one day own one of these....
 We had american style pancakes with strawberries for breakfast, which was delicious.

 On the way to Abersoch we stopped at Pen-Y-Bryn in Colwyn Bay for a bite to eat. We had the platter which was lovely, alongside a portion of schips and a steak salad. Very highly recommended!
And finally on our last night we had a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad (which has become a new food obsession for us both recently) alongside a chunk of tiger bread and some pastrami, once again we ate like kings :) 

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