Sunday, 22 January 2012

Alice in Wonderland exhibition, Liverpool.

 Yesterday I went to Liverpool with some friends to see the 'Alice in wonderland' exhibition in the Tate.
I stopped by at the shopping centre to get my favourite treat - Frozen yoghurt. I had plain yoghurt with Reece's cups, buttons and raspberry's.
 This was a picture form the docs. The weather was awful and I forgot my coat... but I still had a lovely day.

 We stopped for a few sweets from this lovely retro feeling sweet shop.

This is what i chose in the end : Reece's peanut butter cups, Wonka's nerds, and two cherry lollipops.

Nobody wanted their picture taken whilst eating... but I managed to wangle this sneaky one. I love Rachel's newly dyed turquoise hair, it's so cool.

These suspended cakes are adorable! This was in the gallery shop, but it was my favourite part of the exhibition!
It's just so magical and exaggerated, just like the novel itself. The cakes were quite realistic, and looked really yummy. It was hard to take a picture as so many people were standing around, but you can get an idea of it how it looked.
We weren't allowed to take pictures in the exhibition... but I took this one quickly (hence the poor quality) I love the composition. and the way the photographer manages to make the girl appear larger than in reality, just like in the books.
The most impressive display of the day had to be the neon signs on the ground floor. The ceiling was covered in suspended neon signs depicting various words, all in different colours, with the wires hanging loosly beside them. It was so pretty and interesting, and made me inspired to use more light in my own artwork!

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