Wednesday, 18 January 2012

DIY Earring's

 Today I made a simple D.I.Y of how to make your own earring's. I love earrings but sometimes I'm fussy with the ones in the shops, and they can also be quite expensive, so this DIY is useful for making your own original style earring's.
Supplies - These pliers I used are awful, ideally you should invest in some thinner jewelry specific ones, but these do work, it's just a bit more awkward.
1) Pliers
2) Gold or silver earring Pins/Needles.
3) Gold or silver Earring heads.
4) A selection of colourful beads.
(You can purchase jewelry making equipment very cheaply from Amazon or your local Craft store e.g HobbyCraft)

Step 1.) Use your jewelry needle/pin and thread your desired beads onto it. This is the best part for me, as I love choosing colour combination's. Remember you need to have two of every bead for the earrings to be symmetrical (unless you want them to be different, which could be pretty cool too).

Step 2.) Make a replica of the first earring, and make sure you leave roughly 6-8mm space at the top of the earring for the next step.
Step 3.) Then you need to use your pliers to bend the top of the earrings into a loop shape. This will be used to attach the earring head. You need to make sure it is tightly closed or the earring could become unattached later. 
 Step 4.) Now you need to open the hoop at the bottom of the earring head with the pliers, which will enable you to attatch the earring to it.

 Step 5.) Lastly, you need to slip the hoop from the earring pin onto the earring head, and use the pliers to close the hoop tight. And there you have it, a simple pair of earrings in 5 easy steps.

 This is probably very wrong according to the 'How to make jewlery properly book', but it works for me, and hopefully may inspire you to make some for yourself !

I will post some other earring's I have already made in a little bit...

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