Monday, 16 January 2012

We ate like kings..

 Over the weekend Scott and I went to Manchester... again for my birthday pressie from Scott.:) As the title says, We ate like Kings! I forgot my camera (DOH!) But I used the instagram app on my phone to take these shots.
We went skiing to 'The Chill Factor', which is a wonderful ski slope with proper snow. We had a two hours there and it was so much fun. We can both ski (Scott's been skiing since he was little) and I've been skiing to Italy twice, but this has left us pining for a proper ski holiday now.
 The Holy Grail of doughnuts : Krispy Creme glazed raspberry, so so so good.
 Scott chose the chocolate version, but for his second choice (after sampling mine) went for the raspberry ;)
We went to Yo Sushi in the Trafford Centre for lunch and used our 40% off voucher from O2 moments.
My favourite is beef tataki, and pumpkin korroke.
 We browsed Selfridges and were in awe at the lovely sweets and chocolates.

That night Scott took me to a lovely Italian restaurant 'Piccolino's' where I had grilled aubergine for starters, lobster for mains, and chocolate fondant for pudding, with THE most yummy minted mascarpone cream. It was to die for!
 As we were meandering through the streets I found a new vintage shop : Cow Vintage, where I found a few interesting pieces.
 This dress was from River Island, I didn't buy it, but I do love the colours and pattern.
This is my Cath Kidston Dinosaur Make up bag from Homewoodbound, Thanks mum ;) I love the dinosaurs, and this pattern is really pretty. These are my essentials for the weekend...
 This was Scott looking at the view from the Hotel window. (We stayed at the Park Inn Raddison this time).
We love Manchester !
 These were just a few prints I liked in the vintage shop.
I loved this red sequined vintage dress, but it was just too small !
 This guy was an amazing street artist, I love his painting trousers, I kinda want to wear them for everyday use??
 This was one of his finished paintings
And finally a a shot of the journey home. We both love Manchester, the food, the shopping, the buildings and the people. In two weeks Scott's going to see Thin Lizzy with my dad so we both get to go again, which makes me very happy. 

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  1. the food looks incredible, your outfits are adorable and this all looks like SO much fun!!!
    xo TJ