Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Valentines 'Sweetheart'

 For Valentine's day, I created these two candy 'Sweet hearts' for the shop window display for my parents. We wanted something a bit different from the usual pink and red heart shapes, and came up with this quirky idea.
 These pictues arn't very clear as I took them once they were already in the window!
 This is a very simple DIY as I wasn't planning on making it a DIY, but once you have the supplies and idea, it's easy enough to make.
You will need :
Wreath or wooden/ plastic frame
LOTS OF GLUE STICKS for your glue gun, or super glue.
Variety of Sweets
White paint
Fishing Wire.
 1). I used this wooden wreath as the base for my heart. But you could use any other hollow shaped wreath or wooden frame to make one. With hindsight I would have chosen white as the undercoat, as the red darkened it a little too much, and I think white would look fresher and brighter. So if you are trying this out, spray or paint your base white and leave to dry.
 2) You need a heck of a lot of brightly coloured sweets. We used Lollipops, candy hearts, marshmellows, liquoirce and Quality Street as out main ones, but you can use whatever you like.
 3) Basically use your glue gun to attach the sweets to the wreath! I liked adding lots of greens, blues, red and yellows, as I felt primary colours worked well, and green brightens up the wreath better.
4) Keep checking what your wreath looks like from a distance and make sure that you dont leave any gaps, or have too many of the same colour by each other.
5) Lastly leave to dry and attach clear fishing wire to the top of the wreath, which will enable you to suspend it.
And Voila, one candy sweetheart for your valentine, or to hang on your wall.

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