Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years - The big 10.

 1. More day trips with Scott. I love them so much and we always have a wonderful time eating lots and just being happy. We like cities, countryside, beaches, just everywhere and anything!
  2. Walks, I love walking, especially with Scott, family and of course the doggies. It’s healthy, fresh and inspiring for my art. I like finding things on the floor and taking them home for very important 'art purposes' this is what keeps my art room so messy!
 3. Change my style slightly. I like my clothes and what I wear (most of the time) but this year I think I need to try something different as well. I love colour, Aztec patterns and dresses, but maybe need to experiment with other pieces too.

  4. Paint my nails regularly. I like painting my nails, but sometimes I’m lazy and leave it to chip for too long, so this year I need to stay on top of the nail maintenance! I am a biter, so they will never be long, but I don’t mind that.
5.Experiment with hairstyles. I am terrible for not bothering with my hair, I always leave it down and natural, which works for me, but sometimes it would be nice to try something like plaits or clips etc.
6.Blog More! I love blogging these days, it's just a fun way of documenting fun and happy moments from my day, showing you a little bit of what its like to be me. It makes me that bit more motivated to be creative and try new things to share here, and it's full of colour!  
 7. Go to India. I know this one is a little unrealistic, but you have to try. I am fascinated by India and would love to go there. The colours, food, spices and clothes are just so beautiful and I think (From what I’ve been told) that it's a bit of an eye opener.
8. Press flowers. I've recently been interested in pressing flowers. It's more of an older past time and not done as much these days, but this year I want to try it out properly. All I have to do now is wait for the flowers to return :)

9. Watch more films. This is a fun resolution, but I think watching films is good fro inspiring you, especially
certain types. Coraline always inspires to make something, and I like to have them on to listen to as I work. But one thing I need to do is widen the genre I watch.

10. Kitten time!! Lastly and by no means least, this year will be the year we get a new kitten. After last years tragedy ( Harrison passed away) it is time for a new little baby. I love grey kittens, and also black and white ones. I cant wait !

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