Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pretty Dresses

Over the holidays I had a much needed clear out of my wardrobe!
I send some to the charity shop, sold a few pieces on eBay and to my friend Georgie, and finally organised the rest into some form of order.
I hung up all my dresses (and there were quite a few!) along with my knitted jumpers in the closet, found a special draw just for my skirts, and then piled my less used items such as trousers, jeans t-shirts etc in another few draws.

I like how the colours and patterns remind me of different days out and memories from being worn.
One of my favourite dresses is my navy blue strawberry dress from Juicy Couture (Far left). I wore that for my R.O.A (a bit like a prom) at the end of high school.

I love colours, pattern, velvet, lace and just about anything that catches my eye and is exciting.
And it feels so good to finally be able to see what I have to choose from.

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